Bunny Boy living dead dolls custom. Comes with a little pink basket and 4 handmade poisonous mushrooms. Unique. Price 160 dollars (includes shipping)

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Mombie living dead dolls custom. Zombie mother and baby, sculpted and painted by me, ApolloniA. Mombiw wears underwear and a pink bathrobe. Unique. Price 260 dollars (includes shipping).

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E-mail me wild_rose_queen (at)

There's still enough time to get these for Christmas!

Long time no see

I haven't updated this blog since...since forever! I had even forgotten my password!!!

A lot of things have changed, but since this blog is not about my personal life I will just say "life sucks sometimes, but I'm still alive".

Toy-wise, what have I been doing? Well, a couple of commission dolls and toys and even a commission christmastree! Yes, a small BLACK table xmastree, decorated with hand-sculpted skulls and such. It was for a tattoo and piercing parlor. :) I only have one blurry shot of it, but I'll show it to you anyway. I'll put all the pics in the end of this post, cause there are many.

Right now there's a Living dead dolls custom competition on the official LDD-forum, and this year I participated too. It should be easy enough to spot my gory entry, although the names of the artists aren't revealed until the voting is over.

I have also joined Turku's dollhouseclub, which gathers once a month to make miniatures for dollhouses. Lots of fun! ^^ And I've also made a little house ofr my petite blythes out of a yellow lantern I bought for a couple of euros. I made it almost disgustingly cute. And oh gosh, I started crocheting too, even though I never liked crocheted dollclothes before. I guess I need to make these pink happy things to keep a balance, all that blood and gore demand something cute and cuddly. Or...that's what I keep telling myself to avoid the thought of a split personality xD.

Oh dear, I just realized you haven't even seen my Alice in Wonderland commission dolls, have you?

I guess it's time for pictures then!

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I have had some trouble bonding with Honey. Mainly because the character isn't my own, and on the other the character I wanted him to be is much more sunny and brave than Latigreen Senny's features able him to be. So... I re-did his face, or I guess I should say Her face now: I turned Honey into a fragile vampire girl :).

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Little Nuwse

Here's my newest baby girl. She's a Lati Yellow Coco, and I can't help but call her Coco, the name sticks to her so strongly.

Coco: Wemember not to blink too much so it heals

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Have to sell

We are hoping to find a new and bigger appartment and move in it in July, so we need lots of money which we don't have. So I've decided to let go of some of my babies.

If interested, send me your maximum offer via e-mail.

I was thinking I'd take offers until Friday, but if not any interest, til next week's Friday. Payments via Paypal.

Norna Oeneis, my 2nd LDD-custom. She was originally ms Eerie and she's inpired by the HIM song Wings of the butterfly. She's got pink rooted mohair-mix soft hair and butterfly make-up. On her back she has scars of wings being cut off.

(Gnash the demon bunny not included)

Then there's a demon bunny King Ankheg, that I was supposed to give my friend, but we're not friends anymore. He's in the next picture with Ella

And then there's an ugly doll I've sculpted, Depressed Amelia, who has a demon dog coming out of her.

I have to check if I have some more. I hope I get to keep Ella and my bjd's, except for my lovely Honey-sempai, I'm afraid he has to go :(
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Does any of you know anyone who collects stickers? I got all my friend's stickers that she collected as a kid. I think I have almost one kilo of vintage stickers :D. I already picked some pretty looking normal stickers, but I have plenty of commercial stickers, cerial box stickers, bubblegum stickers, candy stickers and collectable stickers like Asterix and Alf stickers and others. There were also some old Nintendo cards in the bag. Nostalgic Mario! Oh, and some celebrity and sportsmen stickers as well. If you know someone who might be interested, let me know.  I'm not going to throw these away but don't really need this collection either.
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Finally you get to see some pictures of my dollhouse, but only the exterior and the family I made to live in the house. I'm currently working on the bathroom and bedroom, it's much more difficult than I expected but it's a lot of fun as well. I also have 3 commissions and a painting to do now! Art art art :)!

I made the dolls so that their arms and legs are bendable. The idea came when I realized my dolls would have to be able to sit on their knees, because the tea table is so low. I think they came out quite funny, although I'm still not sure if I should add black hair for the father and the mother. What do you think?
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